Hello! Thanks for becoming a Burton Storage Solutions Member.

Following is a brief list of things you should do in order to maximize the value of being a Member.

A couple of things to please ingrain into your mind;

  • you can NEVER disarm too many times. When in doubt, before entering the building, disarm. It is OK to disarm a disarmed alarm system.
  • generally, Mon-Fri between 8a and 5p, you should not need to arm the alarm when leaving as Hops Connect are very likely on site. This excludes holidays.

You will receive emails from TELUS Custom Security Systems <notifications@alarm.com> prompting you to create a new password to login to the Alarm system shortly after the agreement is signed.

Click the “Get Started” button to set your password, then download the appropriate mobile app for your phone by clicking here after you have done that. 

You will also have received an email from noreply@masterlockvault.com that looks like this.

Note the ORGANIZATION ID: BurtonStorage and your temporary password are included.

Again, download the appropriate mobile app for your phone after setting up your password, the buttons are near the bottom of the email. APPLE click here, ANDROID click here.


Accessing the Building

Following are a few quick videos of what the Alarm.com app Master Lock Vault app looks like in action, running you through the process of disarming the building and then unlocking the doors to get in.

  1. Always DISARM the alarm before opening the roll up door.
    • PRO TIP – hit the “Disarm” scene twice to be sure the request went through. You can never disarm too many times!
  1. Open the lock to the gate you’re standing at.
    • There are 2 smart locks on the back entrance. Simply pressing the button on the lock will activate it in the app. When you have the app open you will see it become active in the app too.
    • Tapping the “key” icon (as per above) will unlock the lock, and you pull it open like any standard padlock. Please hang it on the door you opened it from and lock it again so it does not get lost, see below.
      • If you are coming in the front door off of Franklin, walk up the stairs to the left and open the Alarm.com app. Touch the “Whse Entry” door, which should be red. Select “Buzz Open” and you will hear the door unlock. Enter, and go on your way as the door will close and lock on it’s own. Do not choose “Unlock” as then you need to remember to lock it up again, rather be safe and simply use “Buzz Open”.


  1. If you should need to open the loading dock door and/or the gate is closed on Franklin St., there is a comically large key ring that has the key for the padlocks keeping it closed. The key ring is located by the alley entrance under a big red decal that says KEYS. The key ring looks like this.
  • Locking up the place is just the opposite procedure of everything above, but you ARM the alarm. Again, hitting ARM twice is advised. You can’t over-arm the alarm. 😀

SOP!! If you’re there on a typical Monday – Friday (IE not a holiday) between 9a and 5p, please do NOT arm the alarm as the Hops Connect team are upstairs in their office….when they come down later in the day, they’re going to have a bad time

RE: the red pallet jack – to “unlock” it, you need to first hit the “1” button (red arrow) then the green “|” button (blue arrow) and you’re off!!

If in doubt, or having troubles, there are over 40 other people who are using all these systems….and they’re in the Slack instance that you have access to! Please post a question to the #general channel and use @channel to be sure everyone there is notified. Someone will be able to help you.